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EN 10095 Heat Resisting Steel, Max Temp.

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EN 10095 Heat Resisting Steel, Max Temperature
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EN 10095 규정은 스텐레스와 Nickel Alloy 내열강재에 대한 규정입니다.
여기에서는 단지 사용가능한 최대온도 (guidance only)만을 기준으로

나타내지만, 실제 재료의 선정과 사용에는 Creep, Physical properties
Rupture strength at elevated temperature, Mechanical properties,

Surface finish, 재료의 형태, Magnetic or Non-magnetic, 가공성,
용접성, 내산성, 내산화성 등의, 재료가 가지는 특성을 함께 고려해야 합니다.

※ Creep resistance (내크리프성)
a property of resistance against a phenomenon in which
strain in the lapse of time under a fixed stress at a high
temperature called high temperature creep.
고온의 일정한 압력을 받는 환경에서 물질의 변형이
시간이 경과함에 따라 증가하는 현상을 고온크립이라고 하고
이에 견디는 성질을 말합니다.

※ Heat Resisting (내열 : 耐熱)
Property of materials that are used at above 550℃ (for steel : wustite point)
due to their excellent resistant to the effects of hot gases and products of
combustion as well as their resistance to the influence of molten salts
and molten metals but also showing good mechanical properties
during short and long-term stressing — EN 10095

※ Mechanical properties (기계적성질 : 機械的性質)
Various properties relating to mechanical deformation and
breaking such as tensile strength, yield point or proof strength,
elongation, reduction of area, hardness, impact value,
fatigue strength, creep strength, etc.

인장강도, 항복점, 연신율, 단면수축율, 경도, 충격치, 피로강도,
크리프 강도 등 기계적인 변형 및 파괴에 관계되는 성질을 말합니다.

EN 10095, Maximum Application Temperature (guidance only)
Temperature  Name Number Steel/Nickel Alloy
800 ℃   X10CrAlSi7 1.4713     Ferrite
850 ℃   X10CrAlSi13 1.4723     Ferrite
850 ℃   X8CrNiTi18-10 1.4876     Austenite
1000 ℃   X10CrAlSi18 1.4742     Ferrite
1000 ℃   X3CrAlTi18-2 1.4736     Ferrite
1000 ℃   X15CrNiSi20-12 1.4828     Austenite
1000 ℃   X12CrNi23-13 1.4833     Austenite
1000 ℃   NiCr22Mo9Nb 1.4856     Nickel Alloy
1050 ℃   X8CrNi25-21 1.4845     Austenite
1050 ℃   X6CrNiSiNCe19-10 1.4816     Austenite
1100 ℃   X18CrN28 1.4749     Ferrite
1100 ℃   X12NiCrSi35-16 1.4864     Austenite
1100 ℃   X10NiCrAlTi32-21 1.4876     Austenite
1100 ℃   X10NiCrSi35-19 1.4886     Austenite
1100 ℃   X10NiCRSiNb35-22 1.4887     Austenite
1100 ℃   X15CrNiSi25-4 1.4821     Duplex
1150 ℃   X10CrAlSi25 1.4762     Ferrite
1150 ℃   X9CrNiSiCe21-11-2 1.4835     Austenite
1150 ℃   X15CrNiSi25-21 1.4841     Austenite
1150 ℃   X6NiCrNbCe32-27 1.4877     Austenite
1150 ℃   X25CrMnNiN25-9-7 1.4872     Austenite
1150 ℃   NiCr15Fe 2.4816     Nickel Alloy
1150 ℃   NiCr20Ti 2.4951     Nickel Alloy
1170 ℃   X6NiCrSiNCe35-25 1.4854     Austenite
1200 ℃   NiCR23Fe 2.4851     Nickel Alloy
1200 ℃   NiCr28FeSiCe 2.4889    Nickel Alloy



EN 10095 Heat Resisting Steel, Max Temperature


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Plate, Sections, H-Beam, Round, Angle, Channel,
Rail, Crane Rail, Flat, I-Beam, Pipe & Tube, SMLS.


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